what are popsockets

What are PopSockets?

According to PopSockets (the brand, not the actual PopSocket – they don’t talk, that would just be weird), they are Little Life Changers. They are mobile accessories that you stick to the back of your phone, or tablet (any mobile device really) and that is the start of the magic.

When they are flat they don’t do much but look cool, but as soon as you pop them then:-

  • They make holding your phone easier, and you are way less likely to drop it.

  • They make taking selfies so much easier.

  • If you put two on, you can use them to wrap your earphone cables around.

  • You can use it as a stand. (Binge watching Game of Thrones before the final season? Me too!)

  • You can combine it with a PopSockets Mount and clip it onto the air vent in your car (no sticky mess left behind) and voila – hands free.

French Lace PopSocket

It will transform the way you use your mobile devices.

Watch here:

At Gaming Merch we are loving the licensed Marvel range which will be available soon.

marvel popsockets

GamingMerch is a licensed PopSockets retailer

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