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Does your kid love playing the latest games. Are you looking for a gift they will love WITHOUT buying them more games? Our Gaming inspired T-Shirts are sure to be a hit with your pre-teen and teenage kids.

Unfortunately we are no longer able to display or advertise our Fortnite Inspired Shirts.

The good news is OFFICIAL FORTNITE MERCHANDISE are here.

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About our Delivery

We use Internet Express to deliver your goods to you.

We try and get your products to you as quickly as we can.

Please work on a 1 - 3 day delivery schedule if you live in one of South Africas major metropolitan areas. If you are more rural, please expect it to take longer.

If we are delivering near us (ie Gauteng) shipping will cost R75

If we are delivering to another province this will cost about R90.

If we are shipping a big custom order from you, we will discuss shipping costs directly with you.

About Pre-Order

You will notice that we have products in our store that are pre-order. We are waiting for these products to be released in South Africa.

We know demand will be high which is why we have elected to make them available on pre-order so that you will be guaranteed your T-Shirt.

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