Fortnite Birthday Party

This is the birthday party that launched the idea of my little T-Shirt business. But first, a bit of a back story. I have been working as a web developer for far too long. I was running a small digital agency with a partner and it was sucking the life out of me.

In January this year, I took a big breath and quit.

I had to finish up some projects we were working on already. We also had already planned a once-in-a-lifetime overseas holiday and the year was ticking past.

June arrived. And with it my son’s 12th birthday. And exams.

In the planning of what to do, we had agreed with my son that the party would happen prior to both exams and his birthday. He could only have a few friends over. And, yes, they could play Fortnite.

I am very aware that time is ticking past at a rate of knots and that there are not many birthdays left that I can plan / theme for a boy. I only have the one, so I’m making every one count.

The lucky thing, is that all of the friends invited are equally Fortnite crazy! I had to bear in mind however, that they aren’t “little” kids anymore – so I had to find the balance in making the party exciting without it being blah blah blah.

So time was spent scouring the internet. And there were some so-so shirts that I could buy as a gift, but they were all sold overseas and would require me to get a new bond on the house to be able to afford it here in Johannesburg.

And that was where the idea of printing Fortnite shirts locally came to me. Anytime you look around a gathering of boys in the school grounds in South Africa, at least one of them is flossing or doing the Hype.




So, as a test I decided to print T-Shirts for each of the boys at the party. One of my son’s favourite sayings is “Dab on them haters”, so that had to be T-Shirt. I also did a #1 Victory Royale mug.

Dab on them haters

And then, because as I mentioned before this is probably the last themed party I am going to get away with, I Fortnited the party.

When the boys arrived after school we had a Fortnite Loading … sign stuck to the front door.

They all went rushing in straight to the Supply Drops waiting for them on the table where they each received there “Battle Pass” for the day.

Fortnite Supply Drop Party Idea

Fortnite Supply Drops

They Zoomed past the Fortnite Popcorn.

Fortnite Party Idea Popcorn

Fortnite Popcorn

Drank the chug jugs or was it slurp juice? Either way it was blue and it made them go crazy for a while.

And then spotted the small piñata I got from Party Spot (see Yorkie for size reference)

Tiny Llama next to Tiny yorkie

Tiny Llama next to Tiny Yorkie

We decided to just stick it in a tree like a Llama in Fortnite. The boys got the reference, thank goodness, instead of thinking I had just lost my mind.

Fortnite Party Llama Piñata

Fortnite Party Llama Piñata

And then all settled in to play Fortnite.

Boys playing Fortnite

All Playing Fortnite

This is one of those generational differences that moms today are spotting. When the kids are together, not only are they playing games online on the TV. All of them are on their own devices too. Either playing the same game, or their own.

The noise levels are crazy!

But what a party #gomom.

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